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was founded in 1988. as a handicrafts workshop.
At the begining,our firm was engaged in production and keeping
machines, tools and the wide spectrum of mechanical equipment.
Two years later (in 1990.) the production program was
increased in constructing and producing of the line
for roling opened profiles of different dimensions,
forms and purposes.The same year the line for montage shelves
made of sheet metal was opened,
and the first holder for the fluorescent tube was produced
(todays product ART 101). During ninetys (and with hard work conditions)
our firm has been developing from one day to another.
All existed production programs were expanded with new products. We adopted a complete production of the cable cariers and the lighting rod equipment.

With the purpose of encircling our production, in 2002. we have started a whole new line for metal plastification

Today D.O.O. ALMINA has 17 permanent employees, and production program looks like this:
  • Holder for fluorescent tubes
  • Cable cariers with following equipment
  • Lighting rod equipment
  • Open steel profiles
  • Montage shelves of sheet metal
  • Industrial electronics
  • Superstructuring of special vehicles
  • Mechanical and handicrafts producing parts and machines for the wide use
  • Metal plastification
  • Production of angle-starting battens for KNAUF and battens for machine mortaring
  • Planing and engineering

    New Staff:

Frames for furniture

We use them in manufacturing furniture. We also sell furniture in our exhibition hall (720m2).

Turistic Bed

This manufacturing processje were start thanks to CHF and it have wide Variety: in turistic, military and medicine purpose. Dimensions are1920x660x420mm. materijal: Al profils, Awning material,Steel Plate , Plastic. It's easy to assemble in small bag.


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