ALMINA DOO was founded in 1988 as a craft shop. At the very beginning, we were engaged in turning and grinding machining and making machines, tools and machine parts. After two years, the production program was expanded by designing and manufacturing machines for profiling and manufacturing open, cold-rolled profiles of various purposes, dimensions and shapes. In the same year, a line for the production of prefab, metal shelves for general purposes was put into operation, and from the plant for injection molding, a socket for fluo lighting came out. During the nineties (despite the difficult business conditions), all existing production programs were enriched with new items. We have adopted the complete production of cable carriers and lightning protection equipment. In order to round off the production, in 2002 we put into operation a line for electro static painting-plastification of metals.

In the years that followed, we tried to increase production capabilities and the quality of the products themselves. Today in our production plant we have CNC and NC machines for bending and cutting sheets up to 3000mm, machines and tools for punching and drawing sheets. Welding of parts and assemblies is done on high-quality equipment with trained staff, so in addition to steel, we can provide aluminum and stainless steel welding services. Anti-corrosion protection is carried out by electrostatic painting-plasticizing on the most modern devices with the use of high-quality paints, as well as degreasers for the preparation of painting. The firing-polymerization chamber is 6000mm long.

In 2020, the machinery park was enriched with plastic injection machines, and then the program for the production of spacers and additional equipment for thermally insulated pipes was adopted.

Almina d.o.o. strives to improve and expand its product range.